My New (School) Year’s Resolutions – 2008.2009

This is a page view of an earlier post.  It is September 1, so my new school year’s resolutions begin today!


  • Get outside more (I commute 2 1/2 hours each day).
  • Spend less time at the computer in the early evenings.


  • Stop drinking sodas (a newer habit, must stop) and drink more water.
  • Get back on the (excercise) bike.


  • Become more accepting of other people’s personality quirks (not that I’m intolerant – on the surface, I just get annoyed by some quirks, then avoid people who annoy me – and it is my loss).
  • Expand my friendships.


  • Do more fun stuff with my family on weekends.
  • Play more games in the evenings (my kids love board games).


  • Write more.
  • Increase conference presentations.

Let’s see how I do…

3 responses to “My New (School) Year’s Resolutions – 2008.2009

  1. I’d encourage you to get on a real bike rather than a stationary bike. While I can’t claim that there’s any difference in health benefits (I don’t know, there may be), biking outdoors is certainly less boring. Furthermore it kills two birds with one stone considering that another of your goals is to spend more time outdoors. Normally I’d recommend biking for transportation, but your prohibitive commute shows the impossibility of that.

    Optimization maven that I am, make exercise a family thing. Go biking with your son on weekends or evenings. Pick some location, such as an ice cream store, movie theater, coffee shop, where you’ll be able to stop and rest a bit and do/eat something.

    What board games do your sons like? I enjoyed (and still do) Risk and Monopoly the most- things which involve some intellectual challenge.

    Thanks for the ideas.
    My problem with biking outside is twofold – 1. I generally leave for work as the sun is rising and return home as it sets; and 2. My city’s speed limit on most streets around my home is 55mph, so I don’t want to ride in the dark with cars shooting past (no bike lanes and often no sidewalks). Also, I ride the stationary bike and read a book at the same time – not so wise on our streets.
    I am getting out more, but have primarily limited it to yard work, etc. Unfortunately, I am susceptible to skin cancer (yet I live in a desert – go figure), so I have to limit my time in the sun. So dawn and dusk work for yard work. I work in the city, so I have started to walk to lunch (typically a half mile or so, each way).
    My son loves Risk and my daughter loves Monopoly, and we all like to play Scrabble together. We also play a game (I can’t remember the proper name) that is a kind of 3D tic-tac-toe. It really works on your observation skills.

  2. Sound like great things to accomplish Don… good luck!

    Coca Cola free and walking and writing. So far, so good.

  3. Don you’ll do great and this is a great list… atleast now I know where I am copying mine from 🙂

    BTW, what conference presentations?

    I’m a professor of education at a university, so I go to our professional conferences to present. I generally present on education administration and diversity.

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