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Obama’s Fixer-upper

While President-Elect Obama is sorting out his cabinet, he also must prepare for the extensive remodeling of America. 

This ran in the newspaper not too long after the election, but it seems appropriate to resurrect it this month:


An Unhealthy (but kind of fun) Election

It turns out that Election 2008 was not particularly heart healthy – and for more than the obvious reasons.  In what must have been one of the more interesting election races, Bacon won (people just seem to love bacon).  It would have been so much fun to be a reporter for this one:


Election 2008 – Post Halloween Fright

I happened across this a few days late, but it’s still close enough to be relevant:


The New Face of the Presidency

For better or worse, or somewhere in between, America is different today:


Obatman and Robiden

It appears to be official, America.  Here’s the new presidential team: