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I found this on imageshack:


President Obama is MAD (Magazine Cover)

I used to love MAD Magazine when I was a kid.  I would devour each issue.  That’s probably why this cover resonates with me.  I realize it’s been more than 100 minutes, but I expect to see President Obama age several years each week.


Obama’s Fixer-upper

While President-Elect Obama is sorting out his cabinet, he also must prepare for the extensive remodeling of America. 

This ran in the newspaper not too long after the election, but it seems appropriate to resurrect it this month:


Election 2008 – Post Halloween Fright

I happened across this a few days late, but it’s still close enough to be relevant:


The New Face of the Presidency

For better or worse, or somewhere in between, America is different today:


Obatman and Robiden

It appears to be official, America.  Here’s the new presidential team:


Now on DVD and Blu-ray – Grumpier Old Men (Barack O, Joe B, and Hillary C)

Obama and Biden (with Hillary looking on, just waiting her turn) – what a lineup!  I stumbled across this and thought it funny.

Since I focused on John McCain with my last post and pick on Sarah Palin so often, it seems that it’s time to give equal attention to the other candidates: