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Now on DVD and Blu-ray – Grumpier Old Men (Barack O, Joe B, and Hillary C)

Obama and Biden (with Hillary looking on, just waiting her turn) – what a lineup!  I stumbled across this and thought it funny.

Since I focused on John McCain with my last post and pick on Sarah Palin so often, it seems that it’s time to give equal attention to the other candidates:


What if the Candidates were Phones? – Asks Babs Winfrey-King

I’m going to sound like a mix of Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, and Larry King:

If the presidential and vice-presidential candidates were phones, what kind of phones would they be?  This was posted at Paul Gregoire’s blog and I think it’s really funny.  What do you think? (asks Babs Winfrey-King):