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Sarah and Bullwinkle are at it again – Ridding World of Moose and Squirrel

As a follow-up to all the other postings regarding the danger to Bullwinkle posed by Sarah Palin, we present McCain and Palin – Ridding World of Moose and Squirrel…

I think the reason that I like this sign is that 1959 is my birth year, so my life has been worry free (thus far).


Some Picks from Our September Conversations

I’m a little slow getting this published…

September was a busy month.  There was a post on Don’stuff nearly every day.  Many of you were kind enough to read and comment. 

The month started with books (Alex Award Winning Books for Mature Teenagers, then Teen Books that Adults will Love) and ended with chocolate (Ten Things You Should Know about Chocolate).

You liked reading about Sarah Palin (The Times story about her kill on Bullwinkle was the top read of the month), stories about her comprised five of the top fifteen you read.

Since it was such a busy month, and since summarizing would virtually recreate all the posts, I’ll instead present a few picks:

Top Picks of September 2008

Top Picks of September 2008

 The picks begin with the Most Comments during the month, Leaving Evangeline:

Most Comments during September 2008

Most Comments during September 2008

 Move on to the Most Unique Comment (“drop dead droolable phew”) by Sanity Found:

Most Unique Comment - Sanity Found "...drop dead, droolable phew."

Most Unique Comment - "Drop dead droolable phew."

Slide over to Leisure Guy, who provided the Most Helpful Tip about Marianne’s Ice Cream Parlor at 1020 Ocean Street in Santa Cruz, CA.

Most Helpful Tip

Most Helpful Tip - "Marianne’s makes their own and have some terrific flavors."

 Dig into the Most Kind Comment by Amber:

Most Kind Comment - Amber

Most Kind Comment - "...great post Don! One of my favorites!"

Knuckle up to New Friends: Chirax , Mssc54, Jeff, and Unfinished Person who seem to think like I do (frightening):

The Keystone Kops

The Keystone Kops





I was double knuckled to Heart ur Club: I was picked by Literate Housewife for I Love Your Blog and by Chartroose as a honorary member of the Kool Kidz Klub:

Big Pickers: Chartroose and Literate Housewife

The most frequently visited and Most Commented On Post: Sarah Kills Bullwinkle.  Concerned Citizens included: Leaving Evangeline, lizzygram, Mssc54, JT Hartman, Matthew E, Burt Parks, Rock Golf, Left Right and Centered, Virgomonkey, joannemarie, ilegirl, Jimmythegreek, Blue Dog, Shawnbarr, jointefforthost, steadycat, Mark Gibson, WordPress Hawt Post, Alaskan For Palin, Ken, and Keith Pitts.

Post with the Most Comments - Sarah must be one of the friends.

My pick for Favorite Post: Deja Vu with a Twist of Sons

Dredged up as Best Suggestion for a Post : Beaverboosh suggested Spinal Tap

The nugget as Best Suggestion for a Post (Part Deux): Lucid Lunatic and Literate Housewife suggested Golden Earring

Snot unkind is Stacy at Stacy’s Bookblog who is kind enough to allow me to play guess who games and win books:

Almost Finally, thank you to David and Tonya for playing along – even though they don’t have a blog.  They are the only people I communicate with on this blog that I actually see (we live about a half a mile apart).

Thank you to all of you for joining in on the fun.

Finally, this is for Sanity Found (the original Cookie Gangsta), Amber, Lindsey, and all others who comment regularly on cookies:

Sarah Palin – Cookin’ with Bullwinkle

I think all of these Sarah Palin photos that recreate her shooting some fictitious characters (and Bigfoot) are funny – but (as some have pointed out) she hasn’t yet shot a human.

With that disclaimer – here is at least one more photo.  I was directed to it by a friend and found that it originated at MSNBC:

Sarah Palin – Evidence of Her Hit on Bullwinkle… Now Available on Blue Ray and DVD

Ok.  This will be the last one (sort of… unless another really good one shows up…).

This was created by nonnie9999 at Hysterical Raisins and the original post includes snippets from an article by guest columnist Reg Henry (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  It’s been floating around for a bit, but with my blazing blogosphere abilities, it only took me a couple of weeks to notice it.  I think it’s funny.


Sarah Palin Kills Bullwinkle – Bambi Is Next

You can’t make this stuff up: