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Five for Friday – Unique USB Devices

I have many USB storage devices (or memory sticks, or thumb drives, or…), but I don’t have any of these:

A “real” thumb drive:


My favorite – the teddy bear:


My least favorite – sushi (I don’t like fish):


Can I has a cheezburger:


A technogeek’s dream:


And a bonus –

These dogs apparently have mistaken your computer for a leg:



I’ve been collecting the photos and just realized that I didn’t write down any of the sites from which I retrieved them.  Sorry.  I know it’s frustrating to find a photo of something you would like to buy, then find the location is missing.  Again, sorry.

My First Computer and Little Mac

My first computer was a TI-99-4A.  Do you remember those?  I have no idea who chose to name it – maybe Ross Perot?

This may be an indicator of how old I am – I remember this little personal computer being an upgrade from the old movie “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes” – where the computer took up the whole basement of a college building.  This little beauty (made by Texas Instruments) had a “memory” that was unique – it looked like an old tape recorded that you might have used in school back in the 60s.  Mine used metal cassettes and you had to fast forward and rewind to find your work.

I eventually “graduated” to an Apple II…

…then on to an Apple IIe…

…and into what became the Mac Classic…

How powerful.

I eventually moved over with the other 95% of the world (I’m no trendsetter) to a PC, and have gone through a variety of desktop and notebook computers.  I still miss my little Mac – I think I paid about $2,500 for the computer and printer back in about 1986 (or so).  Al Gore was still trying to invent the Internet back then.  If I had kept “little Mac” and the printer, I might be able to get about $5 for them (from a museum… maybe).  I ended up donating all my Macs to various schools – they were thrilled (at the time) to receive them. 

I do wonder, at times, if they are still in use… somewhere.