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30 Second Rule – A Helpful Flowchart

Hey, here’s a handy little flow chart to help you with your food dilemma:


Pi Pie

I think it’s great when something lives up to its name.  Pi Pie is a great example. 

However, I was pretty happy that the Pupu platter I had in Hawaii didn’t.


A Portrait with Food (and other stuff)

It’s a new year and I’m thinking about remodeling our pantry so that I can begin to create works of art this this:


Anti-Ticket Donuts (they might just work)

Have you ever wished there was a way out of speeding tickets?  I do (I currently have two on my record).  One company has solved our problem – The Anti-Ticket Donuts.  If (or in my case… when) you get pulled over, just pull this little baby out of the glovebox (carefully – no quick moves) and tuck it between your driver’s license and registration so the police officer can find it easily. 

If (again, in my case… when) you are accused of trying to bribe an officer, just offer a shocked, yet innocent expression and say that it must have been stuck to your registration when you pulled it out of the glovebox.

I found these here (the official website is here):

The Anti-Ticket Chocolate Donut:

The Anti-Ticket Chocolate Donut with Sprinkles:


Fruitcake (really, I’m not calling you names)

I have been hearing (and sometime listening to) the origins of many Christmas traditions, and this year became interested in what I consider the most unusual of Christmas traditions – the giving and (reluctantly) receiving of fruitcake.  I found a brief history (here) and thought it might interest you.  If not… go eat a fruitcake.

Like many Christmas traditions, the idea of giving fruitcakes as gifts is thought to have originated in ancient times. No one ever recorded who took the first cake and added fruit, honey, nuts, and alcohol to make an edible gift for their family, but records indicate that this tradition was occurring in Rome prior to the birth of Jesus (B.C.).

One of the main reasons fruitcakes were given as gifts in early times is that the ingredients combined in such a way as to greatly reduce the spoiling of this food. This was a huge advantage when the average family had very little control over their food supply, and allowed people to travel longer distances since they could carry a food supply with them that would not spoil.

The fruitcake as we know it today evolved from plum cake recipes in England. It became a natural food to have for holiday celebrations, since it could be made in advance (sometimes many months in advance) and then families could be prepared to give their visitors a treat.

After trying to eat a piece of fruitcake, I have joined the list of people who believe that fruitcakes are never consumed, just created and given as gifts to others. One day, our planet will be overwhelmed with fruitcakes and they will all need to be dumped into an ocean, possibly creating the new continent of ‘fruitcakia’. Or, maybe they will just be used as bricks in the building of skyscrapers.


Roll some Dessert

After the Thanksgiving Parade rickroll, I couldn’t resist.  Here’s your Christmas rickroll.

You've been dessert rick-rolled!

You've been dessert rick-rolled!


Ten Things You Should Know about Chocolate, Particularly if You are the Mother of a Teenager

Chocolate!  Enough said…almost.  I’m not a huge fan of regular (if there is such a thing) chocolate, but I do like dark chocolate.  I happened across a post that describes “10 facts about chocolate” (found at Info Barrel).  I’ve listed their ten facts and found at least a couple of facts somewhat surprising.  I’ve also added some commentary for no apparent reason:

  1. It is a known fact that chocolate has caffeine in it. But did you know that you would have to eat more then a dozen chocolate bars to get the same amount of caffeine from a cup of coffee? There are about 5 to 10 mg’s of caffeine in one ounce of bitter chocolate, 5 mgs in milk chocolate, and 10mgs in a six-ounce cup of cocoa.  So, when a police officer eats a chocolate donut while drinking coffee, will the total caffeine content have any effect on her/his aim if they find it necessary to shoot at someone?  This might make an interesting study (if it hasn’t already been done).
  2. Chocolate is actually a valuable energy source. A single chocolate chip can provide enough energy for an adult human to walk 150 ft.  I might walk 150 feet for a chocolate chip cookie.  It’s good to know I would have the energy to return to the sofa.
  3. Chocolate has great health benefits. It helps with depression, high blood pressure, Tumors and Pre-menstrual syndromes.  Helps how?  Does it enhance or diminish these conditions?  I’m hiding the chocolate in our home if it enhances PMS.
  4. Chocolate does not cause or aggravate acne, this is a myth.  This information is about 30 years late to be of any benefit to me (thanks, mom).
  5. One ounce of baking chocolate or cocoa contains 10% of the daily recommended intake of iron.  Which is why one should consume at least 10 ounces per day – 11 should be even better.
  6. Chocolate can be deadly for dogs. Chocolate contains an ingredient called “Theobromine” which can be toxic to a dogs central nervous system and cardiac muscles.  And for female dogs it enhances PMS.
  7. People spend more than $7 billion dollars a year on chocolate.  If the people of the world will set aside their chocolate consumption for only 100 years, together we can bail out the American economic system and set the world right again.  Of course, we would run the risk of becoming depressed, pre-menstrual individuals who suffer from high blood pressure and tumors – Hey!  That sounds like today’s Wallstreet.
  8. The per capita consumption of chocolate indicates that each person consumes 12 pounds of chocolate each year.  Chocolate must also inhibit weight gain, because my weight doesn’t increase by 12 pounds per year… it’s more like 8 or maybe 10…
  9. Milk Chocolate is the most preferred type of chocolate, however dark chocolate is especially popular among men.  It’s good to know I hang with the “in” crowd.  I love dark chocolate – I must just ooze testosterone.
  10. In Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “Psycho” chocolate syrup was used to indicate blood in the famous shower scene.  I had heard this.  Apparently chocolate films better (as blood) in black and white than anything else Hitchcock tried… plus he was able to use the leftover chocolate on his ice cream (ok, I made up the part about Hitchcock’s ice cream).
Pretend this is dark chocolate...

Pretend this is dark chocolate...



I mentioned visiting McTaco a few posts ago and thought I still had a photo – I did (and do… look below).  I don’t know if it still exists, but we found it in Ensenada, Mexico (south on Highway 2) about 20 years ago.  We haven’t been back to Mexico for a few years, but we loved McTaco.

So, there you go.