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Groundhog Day Trailer Recut

I love Groundhog Day (the movie).  What if the director had decided to go a different direction instead of making it a comedy?  Here’s a trailer remix that shows an entirely different side of the film:


Deja Vu with a Twist (of Sons)

“Do you believe in Deja vu?” – Didn’t you just ask me that?”  This is one of my favorite exchanges from my favorite movie: Groundhog day.

I experienced deja vu with a slight twist last night.

My 12 year old son and I went to Magic Mountain (here in SoCal) for a private party (my university rents the park one night each year for current students, alumni, friends, and etc. to mix).  One of the good things about going each year is that it is cheap (our tickets were $25) and the lines are short – really short – as in non-existant (attendance is about a quarter of a normal operating day).  We not only did not wait in line, but following several rides we were asked if we wanted to ride again.

About two hours into the evening, while driving the bumper cars, I was overwhelmed with this sense of deja vu – with a twist. 

(As background) On my 13th birthday, my dad took me to Magic Mountain (about a month after it opened).  There were few rides and (it seemed) fewer people, so on several rides we were asked if we wanted to ride again.  The bumper cars were our favorite ride of the day.

(Back to last night) It hit me while I was chasing my son around in the bumper cars (same location since opening day) as I saw him glance back at me with an absolute look of joy on his face… and I saw me – more than 35 years before as my dad chased me around in the same bumper cars, laughing like mad.

How great is that?

Bumper Cars at Magic Mountain

Bumper Cars at Magic Mountain

Another Favorite Ride of My Dad, My Son, and Me.

Another Favorite Ride of My Dad, My Son, and Me.

What is Lake Titicaca? – It still makes me laugh.

My son (12 years old) took me to see the new Star Wars (Clone Wars) movie tonight.  We were actually supposed to see The Mummy, but he misread the newspaper and thought it started at 6:30pm instead of the actual 7:30pm.  So we settled on Star Wars at 6:50, bought our popcorn and cokes (I know, I’m supposed to stop drinking Coke – according to my New School Year Resolutions – but it’s not September 1 yet) and settled into an empty theater.

Since we had thirty minutes to kill and were in an empty theater, we thought nothing of sitting and talking.  We noticed the screen was looping through about six movie quotes, and after the third time through we started calling out the answers just before they were revealed.  I was reminded of a scene from my favorite movie, Groundhog Day, when Bill Murray is sitting in the B&B living room eating snacks and calling out the answers (actually, questions) during Jeopardy (“What is Lake Titicaca?” still cracks me up – Junior High potty humor still makes me laugh).  Anyway, my son seemed to like the movie.

I found it interesting that only four other people entered the theater to watch the movie with us – and they were all adults – until I realized that school started today (I guess good parents don’t take their kid to a movie on a school night), there was a baseball game going on across the way, and some other big event was going in another stadium down the street.

I guess there wasn’t that much to report.  We just had a great time together.  Again.  (He’s not a teenager, yet).

Five For Friday – Favorite Films

My five favorite movies:

1. Groundhog Day – Creative, funny, and thought provoking (at least to me).  Maybe Bill Murray’s finest film:

2. To Kill A Mockingbird – A nearly perfect movie.  Gregory Peck was wonderful:

3. In the Heat of the Night – Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger, a great combination as they battle racism while attempting to solve a murder:

4. Hoosiers – My favorite sports movie – it’s all about TEAM.  Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper are great in this film:

5. Rio Bravo – My favorite western.  What a mix – John Wayne, Dean Martin, Walter Brennan, Rick Nelson, Angie Dickinson… (although I also really like The Magnificent Seven and The War Wagon):