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Election 2008 – Post Halloween Fright

I happened across this a few days late, but it’s still close enough to be relevant:


Obatman and Robiden

It appears to be official, America.  Here’s the new presidential team:


John McCain – Gangsta Candidate

The McCain campaign is apparently attempting to appeal to a younger crowd during these last few weeks of the election.  The parental advisory is what made me laugh out loud.  Here is an example (I thought this was funny – there are actually several at Cracked.com):


Sarah and Bullwinkle are at it again – Ridding World of Moose and Squirrel

As a follow-up to all the other postings regarding the danger to Bullwinkle posed by Sarah Palin, we present McCain and Palin – Ridding World of Moose and Squirrel…

I think the reason that I like this sign is that 1959 is my birth year, so my life has been worry free (thus far).


What if the Candidates were Phones? – Asks Babs Winfrey-King

I’m going to sound like a mix of Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, and Larry King:

If the presidential and vice-presidential candidates were phones, what kind of phones would they be?  This was posted at Paul Gregoire’s blog and I think it’s really funny.  What do you think? (asks Babs Winfrey-King):


Obama and McCain Laugh It Up (well, sort of…)

The picture below seems to depict the emotions Obama and McCain have likely experienced this week.  The photographer caught it at just the right moment (in 2006).