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I found this on imageshack:


Learning How the Stock Market Works

Have you ever wondered how financial markets work?  Just what is it those “financial wizards” are able to do that you and I can’t (I mean, besides make a lot of money from people like you and I)?  This should be a helpful illustration:


The New One Dollar Bill

Since the world’s economy seems to be on a roller coaster, this seems an appropriate depiction for a new one dollar bill:


Black Friday by Steely Dan

It’s been quite a week (or so).  I saw this at YouTube and while it didn’t make me smile, it did remind me that life goes on…

Black Friday by Steely Dan

Free Book Money

This Contest is now over – Sorry.  I didn’t win, either.

This title links together three of the greatest words in the English language.

The Koolaid Mom http://thekoolaidmom.wordpress.com/2008/07/01/my-first-ever-giveaway/ is giving away a $20 gift card to Borders.  All you have to do is link to the above site and enter to win.

I guess I could have listed easy along with the other three words, but settled for the trifecta.