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KIM JONG IL Comments on the Bush Shoe Throw (and other things)

Do you ever wonder what some of the world’s leaders are really thinking?  I was directed to this funny video by Stoney (many thanks) who found this on YouTube (but didn’t leave his own blog or site address) and suggested it after viewing the videos posted here as Alternate (Funny) Versions of the Bush Shoe Throw:



Bush Shoe Throw – New Security Measures

This is a follow-up to the recent posting about the shoe throwing incident involving President Bush as a target:


Alternate (funny) Versions of the Bush Shoe Throw

During his surprise visit to the middle east, President Bush learned to duck and weave.  Here are some alternate versions to what you may have seen on the news:

The Austin Powers version:

The Three Stooges version:

The Shoe Throwing World Championships:

Everything including the Kitchen Sink:

Peanutbutter Jelly Time: