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Obatman and Robiden

It appears to be official, America.  Here’s the new presidential team:


Sarah and Bullwinkle are at it again – Ridding World of Moose and Squirrel

As a follow-up to all the other postings regarding the danger to Bullwinkle posed by Sarah Palin, we present McCain and Palin – Ridding World of Moose and Squirrel…

I think the reason that I like this sign is that 1959 is my birth year, so my life has been worry free (thus far).


What if the Candidates were Phones? – Asks Babs Winfrey-King

I’m going to sound like a mix of Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, and Larry King:

If the presidential and vice-presidential candidates were phones, what kind of phones would they be?  This was posted at Paul Gregoire’s blog and I think it’s really funny.  What do you think? (asks Babs Winfrey-King):


Sarah Palin – Cookin’ with Bullwinkle

I think all of these Sarah Palin photos that recreate her shooting some fictitious characters (and Bigfoot) are funny – but (as some have pointed out) she hasn’t yet shot a human.

With that disclaimer – here is at least one more photo.  I was directed to it by a friend and found that it originated at MSNBC:

Sarah Palin – Evidence of Her Hit on Bullwinkle… Now Available on Blue Ray and DVD

Ok.  This will be the last one (sort of… unless another really good one shows up…).

This was created by nonnie9999 at Hysterical Raisins and the original post includes snippets from an article by guest columnist Reg Henry (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  It’s been floating around for a bit, but with my blazing blogosphere abilities, it only took me a couple of weeks to notice it.  I think it’s funny.


Sarah Palin – Vice President Barbie

I don’t necessarily dislike her, this is more about McCain (click on the picture for a moving version):

Chase Rooster Palin – My Name… if My Mom was Sarah Palin

It must seem like I’m picking on Sarah Palin – I might be.  It might seem that I don’t like her – I don’t know her, so I can’t not like her (does that double negative make any sense?). 

As I’ve said before, I generally don’t get particularly involved in talking politics.  I am interested in and follow the issues and candidates and I vote in every election, I just don’t like to talk about it too much.

With that in mind, I’ll mention more stuff that includes Sarah Palin – A Sarah Palin baby name generator.

As the website personal-space.com states, “Sarah Palin has picked out an All-American set of names for her children.  There’s Track, Trig, Bristol, Willow, and Piper.  Ever wonder what would your name be if Sarah Palin was your mother?  Well now you can find out!”

Mine would be Chase Rooster PalinClick here to discover yours.

The Official Coat of Arms and Motto of Chase Rooster Palin

The Official Coat of Arms and Motto of Chase Rooster Palin

Sarah Palin is At It Again – This Time Bigfoot Buys It

I really thought she would go after Bambi next, but she tracked down Bigfoot (maybe in Georgia?):

Sarah Palin Kills Bullwinkle – Bambi Is Next

You can’t make this stuff up: