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Honest Abe and the Internet

I just saw this on one of my Facebook friend’s posts and thought it funny.  I hope you do too:

And I thought it was Al Gore who invented the Internet.


One Free Internet

Hey, enjoy (as long as it’s free):


Santa Stalker

After hearing about the Elf on a Shelf and thinking that Santa must (indeed) be a stalker, I happened across this confirmation – Santa Stalker!
Uh oh!  Santa stalker.
Uh oh! Santa stalker.


Internet Piracy is Environmentally Friendly

You may not realize that Internet piracy is actually good for the environment.  Here’s a little flow chart to help demonstrate its benefits (I kind of like the downlaoding part):


Use This Handy Work Flowchart

When or if you just can’t seem to get organized, use this handy work flowchart (click on the chart to see a larger version):


This is Your Brain… on the Internet

The Internet… blogging, youtube, stumbleupon, maybe some actual work.  This is how you (and I) are spending our evenings.  If you would like to spend a couple of minutes that you will never (ever) get back, then you must see this: http://www.merlinmann.com/rightnow/

Thanks to Merlin Mann.

Have a good evening.