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Does He or Doesn’t He?

I ran across this old ad at eBaum’s World and thought it funny.

eBaum's World


Welcome To My Nightmare – Alice Cooper with The Muppets

When I was in high school, I loved to listen to Alice Cooper, yet somehow I missed this episode of the Muppets:


Five for Friday – Halloween “Trick or Treat” Dogs

Knowing that many of you have animal friends, I thought I’d share these photos of Halloween “Trick or Treat” Dogs with you:

Yoda Lives:

You can see the excitement written all over this poor dogs face (I’m getting goosebumps):

Hot Dog!:

Now, this group is actually frightening:


Carve Out Some Time for These Pumpkins!

As we move into Halloween, here are a three (cool) carved pumpkins and one bonus (lame duck) pumpkin (I think I would enjoy having just a touch of this creativity):

Here’s the first (brainy):

Einstein Pumpkin

Pumpkin Einstein

and the second (interesting):

Prenatal Pumpkin

Prenatal Pumpkin

the third (artistic):

American Pumpkin

American Pumpkin

and the lame duck:

President Pumpkin

President Pumpkin


A Carved Pumpkin Head that Looks Like Your Scary Uncle

Since it’s the week of Halloween, here’s a very life-like carved pumpkin head.  You can click here to view a series of pictures that follow the process of carving.  It’s worth it – I found it very fascinating to see how this was made.

I wouldn’t mind having this kind of artistic talent.


Angry Pumpkin Man

This is mildly disturbing.  It reminds me of a pumpkin version of the snowmen in the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons.


Alien (Predator) Pumpkin – A Carver’s Delight

This is frightening, yet oddly fascinating.  I wish I had this kind of talent for carving pumpkins – this would look so awesome on our front porch.  Unfortunately, I’m happy to carve something that has eye holes and some kind of jagged streak that doubles as a mouth.  This is cool: